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This course is an overview of the information contained in Dr. Pawluk’s book, Power Tools for Health, combined with information gleaned in his three decades of experience working with PEMFs. This course includes information on the value of introducing electromagnetic fields into the body, the science that backs the uses of PEMFs, and how you can effectively use PEMFs on a wide range of medical conditions.

Hi, Dr. Pawluk here, host of the PEMF Summit and medical authority on PEMF therapy, magnetic field therapy, and the best PEMF machines for healing.

There’s a good chance that you already know something about PEMF therapy. In this case, you will find this course full of important information about how to use PEMFs, how to select the right equipment for your needs with specific advice on about 80 health conditions.

If you’re new to PEMF therapy, this course will show you a large number of the different benefits you can get from PEMF therapy.

If you already own a PEMF system you’ll find additional value on how to use it for specific conditions.

It is without question close to an ideal “Swiss Army knife” of health.

Here’s a snapshot on how this course can support your healing journey…

Power Tools for Health will teach you to how to apply PEMFs to your life. Including:

And here’s a sneak peek on what’s included in the course:

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$697  $147

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That means if you don’t see a massive difference in your stress levels, caretaking abilities, and in how your loved one’s enjoyment of life with 60 days, send me a note and we’ll refund every penny.

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